Condiment Dispensers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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A concession stand isn't complete without the condiments to accompany the snacks. Hot dogs aren't the same without mustard, ketchup or relish, and condiment dispensers allow for customers to add extra embellishments as they please. Dispensers come in many forms, from a single-container pump to a multiple-compartment station. Depending on the concession fare offered, different foods require different needs.

About Condiment Dispensers

Condiment dispensers are free-standing items. They are often made and finished with stainless steel, though wood finished stands are available as well. Whatever material they are constructed with, it is highly important to keep them clean for presentation and sanitation purposes.

These dispensers are usually placed to the side of the ordering area to keep traffic flowing. Several stations may be installed to reduce crowding. Most condiments are dispensed through a pump, which controls the amount of dispensing and helps to keep the area relatively clean. Some items, such as diced onions, relish, or butter, may require a separate compartment with serving tongs or a ladle. These compartments often include lids to keep the items neater and safer.

Condiment dispensers and stations can be found at concession suppliers. The dispenser capacities tend to vary greatly. Assess the condiments you want to offer with your foods in order to make sure you have enough compartments. Also, approximate the consumer traffic before purchasing a dispenser that is too large or small for your needs.

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