Written by Samuel Wong
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Using containers is the easiest way to organize all of your smaller cooking ingredients. Sometimes, conventional factory-supplied produce drawers and meat trays can only hold so much. If you have an industrial-sized refrigerator, you probably do not have these drawers and trays, which makes your need for containers even greater.

Today's containers serve a variety of purposes. You can use them to store produce and other ingredients in an organized way. You can use them to hold your recipes and other cooking tips. You can also use them to organize your cooking tools such as spoons, spatulas and turners.

Get Organized with Containers

There are other containers that keep leftovers fresh and tasty in the refrigerator or freezer. Today's leftover cooked chicken can become stock for tomorrow's chicken soup. At many Chinese restaurants, unused rice becomes the base for the next day's fried rice dishes. Using containers enables you to get more out of your food. Containers keep out the elements that spoil and ruin the flavors of food.

Containers are especially useful in the home. You can use them to keep your kid's sandwich from getting crushed in his or her backpack, or you can use it to keep that birthday cake fresh for the next few days. There's really no limit to what you can store in containers!

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