Crowd Control Equipment

Written by Sierra Rein
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The most popular type of crowd control equipment is the stanchion. This is more commonly recognized as a series of posts connected by ropes, plastic tape or strips of fabric. Some stanchions are quite elegant and can be beautiful enough to place in an attractive hotel lobby, while others are waterproof, straightforward and quite appropriate for a number of professional facilities.

Crowd control is a serious consideration for a number if industries, especially those that deal with the processing and manipulation of long lines of people. These industries can include theme parks, hotels, banks, airports, DMV offices, movie theaters and museums. Crowds of people will behave in a more civilized manner if they are told by crowd control equipment where they should stand in any given situation.

The best way to do so is to put this equipment so that it is visible to everyone in the area. Many pieces of crowd control equipment come with fitted areas where framed signs can be placed. These posted signs should be placed facing the right direction of traffic flow and should have clearly written text and appropriately drawn arrows that clearly tell the public which way to step and where to stand.

Crowd Control Equipment Must Be Flexible

Because a crowd's position may change at a moment's notice, it is important to develop a control system that can be equally changed to fit the demands of the moment. Some stanchions have been purposefully developed so as to be lighter than normal and have removable and adjustable rope heads. This allows the floor manager of the facility to close off some areas, open up new lanes of travel, add more stanchions to the system, and keep the flow of movement moving continuously within a matter of minutes.

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