Crowd Control Equipment

Written by Ingrid Chen
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When a facility attracts considerable groups of people, these places may require a means of directing individuals to the right areas. Though the term "crowd control" may suggest an overwhelming undertaking, crowd control equipment is noticeable in everyday life, even in the background. This equipment can be as simple as directional signs or roped-off areas. The idea is to provide proper guidance to different areas, whether they are ticket stands or restrooms.

Crowd Control Equipment in Everyday Life

Airports provide a great example of commonly used crowd control equipment. From the moment anyone approaches an airport, signs and dividers are already directing visitors to the right places: Parking, drop-off zones, outdoor ticketing stands, and each specific airline, to name a few examples. Inside the airport, every airline will most likely have retractable belts, or stanchions, that file individuals into specific lines.

Anyone who has ever flown on a passenger plane out of a municipal airport has most likely stood in a "switchback" style line. That is, the line progresses by "zigzagging" back and forth with the help of properly-placed stanchions. Instead of having individuals stand in one straight line, a switchback line saves a great deal of space. Stanchions may be stands with retractable belts attached to the head of the stand. Belts can be clasped onto stands of the same brand. Stanchions might also be the conventional rope for a classic, "old school" aesthetic. One commonly sees this type of divider at theaters and venues.

Managing crowds of individuals can be unproblematic with the help of the right equipment. Every business owner or manager should consider the amount of traffic in the facility. Also consider American Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations that may apply to public areas.

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