Crystal Glassware

Written by Samuel Wong
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Crystal glassware can take your dishes from drab to fab. There's something about drinking from a sparkling glass that creates a feeling of affluence and elegance. When you serve drinks in plastic cups and tumblers, it has a tendency to cheapen the atmosphere. Many plastic cups crack and craze after a few rounds in the dishwasher, giving them a dirty, unsanitary appearance.

Crystal glassware is really the only way to serve adult beverages like wine and champagne. It is widely believed that the shape of a glass can complement and enhance the flavor of fine wines. Wider-mouthed glasses help to combine the taste and aroma of wines. Glassware also showcases the colors of your drinks, adding a little more flair to an already outstanding dining experience.

Make Your Table Sparkle with Crystal Glassware

We'd like to think we stopped drinking our wine out of plastic cups when we graduated from college. When you serve your customers their drinks in crystal glassware, you're letting them know that they've arrived. Most crystal glassware is hand-blown, making virtually each glass a one of a kind masterpiece.

If you're thinking about upgrading the atmosphere of your restaurant, and you've already bought fine linens for tablecloths and napkins, why not invest in crystal glassware? The lines and shapes of glassware can turn any table setting into a sculptural work of art. Crystal glassware is a delight for all of the senses.

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