Crystal Stemware

Written by Samuel Wong
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Crystal stemware is a decorative, delicate way to serve fine wines and cocktails. Could you imagine drinking a martini out of the same cups used to serve soft drinks and Shirley Temples? It wouldn't feel the same, and quite often, it wouldn't taste the same.

Crystal stemware creates an atmosphere of elegance and class. You wouldn't plan a romantic Italian dinner for two with candlelight and two of those red plastic cups you used to use in college, would you? Plastic cups would cheapen the whole feel of the meal. If you're using plastic cups, you might as well serve up some of the canned pasta you used to eat as a kid.

Crystal Stemware Adds Sparkle

If your restaurant features a bar, you really wouldn't be able to survive without a set or two of crystal stemware. People like to complement their meals with fine cocktails and frozen drinks. It's a good idea to stock your bar with a variety of different shapes and sizes of stemware for martinis, margaritas, and Merlots.

Crystal stemware complements and enhances the flavors and colors of fine wines. Wine experts agree that the right wine glass can bring out the true flavor of wine. Did you know that glasses with smaller mouths can prevent you from smelling the bouquet of aromas in a glass of wine? Show your customers you have a knowledge of all things wine by choosing a wide variety of stemware.

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