Cup Dispensers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Though largely unnoticed in today's world, cup dispensers are widely used in a number of different venues. Fast food companies place them under counters to allow servers to distribute cups quickly to customers, while catering businesses bring them along to offer literally hundreds of cups to guests in an hour. Doctors' offices and dentists use small cup dispensers for spit cups, while employee lounges often feature small dispensers to the side of coolers and hot water kettles.

Cup dispensers not only keep cups orderly, but they also prevent cups from becoming spoiled by outside contaminants. A customer who reaches to a dispenser knows that the cups inside have been isolated from spills, sneezes, accidents and most other surrounding particles throughout the day. This is both comforting to the customer and to the owner who seeks a perfect health inspection grade from the state government.

What Size Cup to Put in Cup Dispensers?

By industry standards, the most widely used cup sizes are eight, 16, 32 and 64-ounce cups. Cold drinks are usually poured in larger cups, while hot teas and coffees are traditionally served in the small to medium-sized ones. If both hot and cold drinks are being offered, it is best to provide the customer with a wide choice of cup sizes.

To accomplish this, many self-serve businesses place "one size fits all" cup dispensers near both the soda and hot water areas. The storeowner can place any number of cup sizes to fit the needs of the customers and with any type of cup, be it styrofoam, paper or plastic. These dispensers can be mounted vertically to save counter space, horizontally to add extra shelving or they can even be placed overhead for easy reach at a serving counter.

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