Drink Dispensers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Drink dispensers can be found in restaurants, buffets, corner stores, sandwich shops and fast food shops. Whether they hold hot or cold liquid, flat or carbonated soda, these dispensers are instrumental in allowing both servers and customers the ability to fill their cups swiftly and easily. Some are designed as permanent industrial fixtures, while others provide portable options for picnics, outdoor receptions and organized events.

Common soda fountain dispensers utilize a combination pump and mix design that allows both the syrup and carbonated soda base to be mixed instantly. By just placing the cup against a toggle pedal, an exact proportion of syrup and soda is dispensed. Some dispensers can be programmed to pour out a specific flow rate within a pre-determined time period, allowing the server to set the cup on the pedal, turn towards another task, and come back later with the knowledge that the right number of ounces have been carefully filled into the cup.

Portable drink dispensers typically take the shape of large plastic jugs fitted with dispensing nozzles and can be filled with plain liquid, iced or even slush mixtures. Some dispensers can be set on tabletop-ready bases in order to keep the nozzles away from surface contaminants and raise them to an easy dispensing level. These removable jugs are easy to clean and easier to replace if permanently stained or damaged.

Using Drink Dispensers to Keep Away the Cold

For warm liquids, like coffee, hot chocolate, and teas, it is best to purchase a drink dispenser that contains a powered heat source, or at least is fully insulated. A number of specialty hot drink dispensers can combine the base drink (coffee, chocolate, tea) with a number of condiment options (milk, soy milk, half-and-half, sugar) within the machine itself and then dispense the mixture into the serving cup. In addition to hot drinks, sometimes these dispensers can be utilized for a number of other hot liquids such as popcorn butter, wine, pancake syrup, and soup bases.

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