Electric Fryers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Fried foods are a main staple in concession fare. Most mobile food carts and concession stands require fryers that depend on electricity (not gas) to power the equipment. Gas fryers are found more commonly in restaurants and permanent locations, whereas the convenience of the electric fryer allows the stand to move to different venues.

The Specifications of Frying Foods

Frying temperatures range generally between 200 and 400 degrees, depending on the type of food cooked. Most fried foods require high cooking temperatures, to ensure even cooking inside and out. If the temperature is too high, the outside can burn while the inside remains uncooked. If it's not hot enough, foods tend to be greasier than usual.

Most vegetable oils are suitable for deep frying because of their high smoking points (usually over 400 degrees). Olive oil has a lower smoking point (around 375 degrees), and thus doesn't work as well for foods that need especially hot frying temperatures. However, some prefer the taste of olive oil to regular vegetable oils. Fortunately, certain foods such as falafel do not require high cooking heat, and olive oil can therefore be used.

A fryer should be constructed to last, normally with stainless steel for ease of cleaning and cooking. Inner kettles should be equally as durable, especially when foods are cooked at high volumes and fryer kettles see a lot of action. Safety must also play a part in cooking equipment, and most fryers come with a high-limit safety shut-off valve.

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