Electric Ice Shavers

Written by Serena Berger
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Electric ice shavers are fairly easy to run and also to maintain, provided that you have a good one. Among restaurants and concession businesses, Swan is the most popular brand of electric ice shavers. They have been around for over 50 years, and offer many different models to suit different volumes of business and different budgets.

Qualities of a Good Electric Ice Shaver

You definitely want a machine that you can maintain on your own, and ideally one which you can repair by yourself with just a little assistance online or on the phone. Sending your machine away to be repaired is time consuming and costly, and bringing someone in to repair it isn't much better. Find a machine like a Swan that offers comprehensive support and resources on everything from how to sharpen the blade to how to grease the machine.

A new blade should be able to shave about 24,000 ounces of ice. If you're serving mostly eight or 12 ounce portions, that's 2,000-3,000 customers. While that may sound like a lot, you definitely want to be able to change or sharpen your own blades, as summer sales could easily mean you were changing blades every couple of weeks.

All you need to change the blade is a screwdriver, so don't be intimidated. You can also do yourself a favor by taking care of the blade while you're using the machine. First of all, temper any block of ice for about half an hour before putting it into the machine. Then, always take the time to lower the blade below the shaving disc when you put the ice block into the machine. You can slowly raise the blade into the ice after the machine is running, which will put less stress on the blade and the motor, making both last longer.

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