Flavored Ice

Written by Serena Berger
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Many different types of flavored ice have made popular treats for years. Popsicles are one of the most common varieties, but they've lost a little bit of their appeal as a special treat for kids because you can buy them at any neighborhood grocery store. It's sad but true that much of what makes something feel like a treat is when you're only able to have it under limited circumstances.

Shaved ice and snow cones fit the bill of a great frozen treat. Many kids and adults look forward to carnival treats as much as they look forward to the rides or attractions at a fair. Along with fried dough, snow cones are the snack or dessert which most people associate with a once-a-year festival, and everyone seems to look forward to having one.

Different Kinds of Flavored Ice

If festival snow cones have any down side, it is that they invariably leave you with a large chunk of ice with almost no flavor at the top. You have to eat all the way down to the bottom of the cone to get to the flavor, which is then quite thick and sweet. Furthermore, the ice is served in a paper cone which gets soggy as the ice melts and, by the very nature of its shape, encourages all the flavor to sink to the bottom.

A good flavored ice, like a cup of high quality Hawaiian shaved ice, will have delicious flavor absorbed evenly all the way through and come served in a cup that keeps it from melting too fast in your hand. You can also get many more flavors than you can get in snow cones--many shaved ice concessions offer upwards of 50 flavors. Shaved ice can still be a treat if people can go out for it once every week or two--and in the summer, your small business can really thrive if you offer delicious shaved ice to children and adults alike.

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