Food Bags

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Most concession stand fare is meant for traveling. Though some stands provide seating, most stands are made specifically for the patron to receive the food and walk with it. For snacks and sweets on the go, food bags are helpful for keeping foods self-contained and keeping your hands clean.

Cotton candy, for example, is a sticky treat that is usually served on a stick or cone. To prevent messing up your hands or garments, you might choose to keep the cotton candy in a bag. These are also handy if you don't plan on eating the candy right away. This applies for every type of food bag.

Some foods simply require a container. Popcorn, for example, cannot easily be eaten without the container in which it is served. Peanuts are also a commonly bagged item. For mobility's sake, the stand operator benefits best from serving food in bags (rather than boxes or other stiff containers), which fold away for compact storage.

Where to Find Food Bags

These bags are available in bulk at supply stores. Concession stand companies tend to carry a wide variety of bags for every need, from sweets and popcorn to hot dogs and burgers. These bags are generally sold in the hundreds, and sometimes in the thousands. However, consider that the money saved (and thus profits earned) will be well worth the cost.

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