Food Dispensers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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At any food venue, patrons appreciate the option of condiments that can be added onto the food they order. A burger isn't a burger without the proper condiments to accompany each one. Though a few individuals choose to eat their foods "naked," with no embellishments, many enjoy the sauces and sides that may complement the meal.

The simplest way to add the condiments is to let patrons add what they choose with a self-service arrangement. That is, a station (or multiple stations) may be set to the side to allow consumers the option of picking their own sauces and sides. Not only is this beneficial to consumers; operators can offer foods more quickly without the hassle of adding every condiment themselves.

Various Types of Food Dispensers

There are many types of food dispensers. One may choose to provide just one sauce, with a single pump-style container. Others may offer multiple sauces in separate pump containers, or lidded compartments for solid items or those that are more viscous than a regular sauce. For example, diced onions and relish may be included in a food station, as well as a butter with a handy ladle.

It's especially important to keep the area around the food dispensers clean, for appearance and sanitation purposes alike. Keeping a neat presentation is helpful for initiating repeat customer visits and recommendations. Keeping foods safe from germs or cross-contamination is extremely essential when venturing into the food service industry. Food establishments must meet specific standards, and this small detail is just one way of maintaining those standards.

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