Food Processors

Written by Samuel Wong
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Food processors eliminate the mundane tasks of chopping, slicing, dicing, and grating that many of today's recipes require. In just a matter of minutes, they can turn a block of cheese into a finely grated powder. You can use them to turn carrots into carrot chips, and they're great for chopping onions and tomatoes for salsa.

Many busy parents find food processors to be a Godsend. Today, it's hard to know exactly what ingredients are in your baby's food. When you make your own baby food using a food processor, you know exactly what your baby is eating. Plus, your baby's food is made with something the big-name manufacturers do not have: love.

Save Time with Food Processors

Food processors can save you loads of money at the grocery store. Without the aid of club discounts and coupons, you can spend more than twice as much for bags of pre-grated cheeses. Not only is the cheese already grated, but it is also coated with preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. Save money and worry by buying a block of natural cheese and grating it in your food processor at home.

Food processors have become as ubiquitous on kitchen countertops as toasters and coffee makers. They save us time, trouble, and most importantly, money. Best of all, they enable us to experiment in the kitchen with new flavors and textures without spending hours slaving over a chopping block.

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