Food Storage

Written by Samuel Wong
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New food storage can provide solutions to an age-old problem. These days, ants and rodents are becoming sneakier and smarter. All they need is to pick up the slightest scent of food in your pantry to call in the troops to cause an infestation. These unwanted invaders can create a mountain of problems in a short amount of time.

When you visit a gourmet's kitchen, you rarely see half-open boxes of pasta and cereal. Usually these dry goods are stored in clear food storage containers. When you use these containers in your home, you won't have to shake a box of cereal or oatmeal to find out if you have enough for a whole bowl at breakfast time.

Keep It Fresh with Food Storage

Food storage also works wonders in the refrigerator and freezer. Many times we think that simply putting the lid on a pot of leftover pasta will keep things fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, many lids do not form a perfect seal, allowing flavors to escape and other outside flavors to be absorbed by your leftover food. In other words, without the proper food storage container, you may as well throw your food away.

Today's food storage keeps your food safe and fresh for much longer than conventional zip bags and chip clips. Your food is stored in an airtight container that seals in odors and keeps vermin and insects away. These containers are easily stacked, making cabinet organization a breeze.

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