Food Warmers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Food warmers can provide your customers with more meal options. Food warmers use a variety of methods to keep food piping hot and ready to serve. Examples of these methods include direct heat, steam heat, and radiant heat.

Using food warmers at your restaurant enables you to create buffet-style, all-you-can-eat dining. All your waitstaff has to do is replace empty trays with fresh food from the kitchen. Buffet style dining cuts down on waiting periods and can increase customer turnover. Many Las Vegas casinos rely on food warmers to keep their delicious buffet selections tasty and piping hot.

Food Warmers Provide More Choices

Using food warmers at a grocery store or deli provides your customers with ready-to-eat meal choices. Many major supermarkets offer their customers hot, fresh rotisserie chicken that they can choose themselves. Using food warmers in the delicatessen department enables you to serve soups, fresh fried chicken, and other hot side dishes.

Food warmers enable your kitchen staff to spend more time on meal preparation. Placing freshly prepared plates underneath radiant heat lamps will ensure that a meal is kitchen fresh when it arrives at the table. Many a dining experience has been ruined by food that has cooled off. Using food warmers will ensure that this will not happen at your restaurant.

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