Written by Samuel Wong
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Fryers can take out a lot of the guesswork associated with frying foods in the kitchen. It's hard to determine the temperature of a frying pan full of oil. Many times we put the food in the oil too early, creating a soggy, sticky mess to clean up afterwards. Fryers virtually eliminate splatters and misread thermometers.

What comfort food restaurant would be complete without a kitchen full of fryers? Frying brings out the best flavors in food. Americans will always have a soft spot in their stomachs for tasty fried food. Many people count French fries, onion rings, and funnel cakes among their favorite foods.

Everybody Cooks with Fryers

Virtually all cuisine types require fryers. Mexican restaurants rely on fryers to create fresh taco shells, tasty taquitos, and the ubiquitous tortilla chips. Japanese restaurants use fryers for vegetable and shrimp tempura. Even the most ethnic of restaurants serves French fries cooked in a fryer.

While food cooked in fryers is known not to be the healthiest of fares, there are ways you can maximize the healthful qualities of fried food. One of the easiest ways to make your fried foods healthier is by using healthier cooking oils. Throw out the animal-based shortening and vegetable shortening. Replacing it with healthier olive oil or blended vegetable oil can drastically reduce dangerous fats and cholesterol.

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