Funnel Cake Makers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Funnel cake makers are some of the most popular machines at carnivals, theme parks and circuses. Many people decide to go into part or full-time funnel cake business by purchasing one of these machines and obtaining licenses to serve these delicacies at a variety of venues. They can also be rented for school parties, Halloween socials, fundraisers and birthday parties.

For those unfamiliar with this classic sweet snack, funnel cakes are a pastry made by pouring the batter through a conical tube into hot grease and then coating the fried result with powdered sugar, sprinkles, or honey. The operator pours the dough into a metal mold (fixed to a ladle handle) and deep fries the cake until it can float free by itself. The mold is then lifted off to allow the operator to flip the cake and allow both sides to cook evenly.

Large funnel cake makers--especially those found in public, commercial venues with large crowds--can hold 50 pounds of oil and can make almost 40 cycles of cakes per hour. Smaller cake makers demand less gas power yet cannot dispense as many funnel cakes in the same amount of time. These are the best ones for smaller parties or groups of people.

Bringing Funnel Cake Makers Home

With a funnel cake machine and the right dough mix, these delicious desserts can even be enjoyed in the comfort of the home. However, it is imperative that all instructions for these funnel cake makers and machines be followed down to the letter. All operators of these machines should understand them inside and out and be able to protect themselves from harmful oil and gas burns.

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