Gas Fryers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Deep fryers are a necessity for any concession stand that offers hot and fresh French fries, churros, elephant ears and other treats. Fryers of all sizes and cooking capacities are available for however large or small a concession business may be. The main difference between fryers is the source of heat; either gas or electric.

Oil temperatures for fryers generally range between 200 and 400 degrees. Most fryers are outfitted with temperature-adjustable thermometers to better control the heat of the oil. Fried foods usually require a high cooking temperature to ensure consistent cooking and to prevent undercooking or unusually long cooking periods. This mistake often results in greasier fried foods, instead of just the enjoyable crunch of the texture.

Vegetable oils will do the trick, because most of these oils have a high smoking temperature and fried foods require high temperatures. Olive oil, however, has a lower smoking point and might not be suitable for all fried foods. Falafel can safely be cooking in olive oil because it doesn't require a high cooking temperature.

What to Look for in Fryers

Look for a durable fryer, regardless of size. There are smaller sizes more suitable for mobility, and larger sizes that are more appropriate for permanent concession stands and high-traffic areas that require a greater capacity. Though most owners do not require changing the oil every day, fryers should still be easy to clean and conducive to sanitary standards. Although electric fryers tend to be more economically-priced, gas fryers allow for more accurate temperature control. They are also interchangeably adaptable for both gas and propane, which allows them to travel. Owners of carts that are on the go will no doubt appreciate the mobility without sacrificing the technology.

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