Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

Written by Serena Berger
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Operating a Hawaiian shaved ice machine isn't very difficult, but there are parts you'll have to maintain and replace. There are also accessories which can make it a lot more convenient and easy to operate. Keeping a maintenance kit and some replacement parts on hand will insure that you don't have any unnecessary interruptions in your service.

Maintain Your Machine's Blades

Dull blades are the biggest problem with electric ice shavers. When the blades are dull, the motor of the machine has to work harder and run hotter, and you don't get the consistency of snow that you want, either. You have a choice of replacing the blades or sharpening them.

If you decide to sharpen them, you want to be safe while you do that, which means having the right equipment and knowing how to use it. If you have a Swan machine (which most concession stands do), you have to sharpen the blades at precisely a 22° angle. Look for a blade sharpening system which contains honing stones with different degrees of coarseness, guide rods, and a blade clamp that can securely hold your blade at that 22° angle.

An air foot control is a great accessory which is all for your convenience as the operator of the machine. An air foot control leaves both of your hands free while your foot controls the power supply. An air bellow is connected by flexible tubing to a switch box that is plugged into an electrical outlet. Ideally, with an air foot control, you also avoid the problems of water damage or corrosion that could plague other models.

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