Hot Dog Cookers

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many different ways to cook hot dogs, from placing them in electric-powered hot dog cookers to grilling them on heated rollers. Hot dogs, sausages and wieners are very easy to cook, warm and heat up, a fact that makes these some of the most popular concession stand and movie theater treats known today. Hot dog cooking machines are also very compact and can be fitted onto even a small cart, tabletop or counter.

Steam cookers are built like small metal safes with either metal or glass doors. Some are designed to have only one compartment for hot dog storage, while others feature multiple shelves and individual humidity controllers. A pan below these shelves captures hot dog juices and extra condensation.

Several hot dog cookers also come with an included steamer section to keep the dogs, and their accompanying buns, warm. A hot dog hutch steamer features a front display pane of glass at the front and two handled opening doors on top. Dogs and buns are inserted vertically into the hutch and cooked, or kept warm, as long as the appropriate amount of water is kept in the unit.

Hot Dog Cookers that Don't Use Steam

Some people prefer the taste that grilling hot dog machines add to the meat. Slanted and rolling grill hot dog cookers are very popular in corner stores and cafeterias because they keep the dogs visible to the eye and easily reached during impulse buys. Finally, rotisseries and rotating broilers are also great if consistent meat flavor, temperature and color are desired.

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