Hot Dog Cookers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Hot dogs are a profitable addition to any concession stand, and free-standing carts are a great means of supplemental income for seasonal or part-time employed individuals. Sports arenas have been a no-brainer location for hot dogs for quite some time. In fact, hot dogs have historically been a standard fixture at American baseball games, and millions of hot dogs are still served at sports games every year. Individuals can be found hawking fresh hot dogs at sidewalk carts during all times of the year, including late-night for hungry bar patrons.

Various Types of Hog Dog Cookers

The wide variety of hot dog machine types ensures you'll find a machine that fits your needs. Hot dogs can be cooked on a flat grill; however, machines provide more effortless, even cooking in greater quantities. With the technology available in many machines, a machine can replicate and even improve the taste of a hot dog cooked straight on a grill. The most common types of hot dog cookers are roller grills, broilers and steamers. Roller grills turn hot dogs over a hot surface, and take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to cook. This type of grill can make for attractive presentation, especially slanted roller grills. They are also great for self-service, such as the ones found in convenience stores.

Broilers cook hot dogs in an enclosed space, with each hot dog cradle or spike individually attached to a wheel that turns rotisserie-style. These machines are also attractive, especially on concession stand surfaces, and self-baste the hot dogs while cooking. Steamers are particularly economical for free-standing cart owners. They generally have larger capacity for cooking hot dogs than other styles of hot dog machines. This is especially beneficial for operators of sidewalk carts, where extra hot dogs can not easily be refrigerated and stored away. The greater the capacity, the better the profits.

Warmers are also recommended for heating hot dog buns. Most cookers can be outfitted with bun warming drawers to save space and keep buns warm for hours. Sneeze guards might also be added to open-faced roller grills to ensure safety and to better-contain the warmth. Machines vary in capacity, depending on the location and expected foot traffic of the concession stand. Easily stored, easily made, hot dogs have even been NASA-approved as a regular food for astronauts!

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