Hot Dog Machines

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Go to any carnival food court, and no doubt you will find concession stands offering fresh hot dogs and condiments. Owning a concession stand is a great means of income, whether it be supplemental (seasonal) or a full-on enterprise. Some concession stand owners find that offering hot dogs on the menu can easily multiply profits. Other enterprising business people may choose to offer hot dogs from free-standing carts, such as the ones commonly on street corners and sidewalks.

The Variety of Hot Dog Machines

Once you choose to start your own hot dog stand or add them on your menu, there are a large variety of machines to choose from. The variety ensures you will find a machine that will fit your capacity and presentation needs.
Though there are many ways to grill hot dogs, the most common types of grill are the roller grill, broiler/rotisserie and steamer. Most grills can be outfitted with bun warming drawers, and sneeze guards can be added to open-faced grills for better safety and food sanitation.

The roller grill consists of rotating rollers that are closely fitted above a heated surface, on which hot dogs turn and cook. Cook time on a roller grill is generally between 10 and 20 minutes. In a broiler or rotisserie, hot dogs are either spiked or cradled onto a wheel, which rotates while cooking. Although the differences between the broiler and rotisserie are minimal, the rotisserie-style machine usually has a turning effect that spins the hot dogs individually to self-baste in its own juices.

The steamer is generally more economical than the roller grill or broiler, and can fit greater amounts of hot dogs than the other types of machines. This works best for free-standing carts. Concession stands generally have the luxury of a separate refrigerated storage area for extra hot dogs. A large capacity machine, however, ensures just as much profit for a sidewalk cart without the hassle of extra storage needed. Whatever type of machine you choose, be assured of your investment--the appeal of the classic hot dog is unlikely to disappear from sports arenas or festivals any time soon.

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