Hot Dog Steamers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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A hot dog stand is a great way to earn extra income. Whether it is seasonal, supplemental income or a full-time business, the ratio of costs to profit attracts many individuals to the business of concession stands. Concession stand owners who do not yet offer hot dogs often find that the addition of a hot dog machine can multiply profits. Easy to make and easy to serve, hot dogs have long been a staple of American concession fare in sports venues and carnivals alike.

Why Choose a Steamer-Type Machine?

Present day technology has provided the industry with a wide variety of hot dog machines. Concession business owners who operate free-standing carts often find hot dog steamers are the most convenient and logical choice for cooking hot dogs on location. Steamers are also economically-priced in comparison to other types of grills.

The main advantage of a hot dog steamer is its large capacity. Roller grills and rotisseries can hold a good amount of hot dogs, but cart owners require a substantial quantity available for cooking hot dogs and keeping them warm. Whereas concession stands have extra refrigerated storage, free-standing carts have limited storage capabilities for extra food. Steamers are conveniently-sized for stands and keep hot dogs warm without overcooking.

Starting your own stand may be easier than you think. The equipment needed for a concession stand can easily be found at equipment suppliers. Companies that deal specifically in concession equipment are generally the most knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to any questions you might have about machines and other details.

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