Hot Plates

Written by Sierra Rein
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For people living in studio apartments, hot plates are sometimes their only means of heating up food at home. On the other hand, hot surface plates are also essential for professional chefs, catering companies and delis. Some Asian-style restaurants also install large hot plates in front of customer seating areas and allow their chefs to cook the food right in front of the customers.

Hot plates are usually utilized to warm up serving bowls and plates and keep them hot while the meal is being prepared. Others are designed for the cook to prepare the food directly on their surfaces. Still others are built like small gas top burners and make great alternatives to larger, conventional burner ovens.

By using hot plates, the use of excessive heating and cooking equipment can also be eliminated. Because a large majority of them are electrically powered, they can replace the use of chafing dishes and sterno cans. The surface of these plates is typically made of easy to clean stainless steel that can be subjected to temperatures between 160° and 170° Fahrenheit.

Unique Types of Hot Plates

A needle hot plate is one that has a series of metal spikes. These spikes are strong enough to hold a large piece of meat stable while the server cuts and distributes slices to customers. These hot plates keep meat warm, upright and easy to serve in a quick manner.

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