Ice Bins

Written by Samuel Wong
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Ice bins will ensure that every beverage you serve to your customers is cold and crisp. With ice bins, you always have a constant supply of ice on hand. You can use this ice to serve ice-cold soft drinks, or you can fill a bucket with ice to chill wine for a special meal.

Having ice bins on hand will ensure that no one will bear the responsibility of having to constantly empty and refill ice trays throughout the day. Smaller restaurants and cafes may still rely on the conventional ice tray method to chill their beverages. The time wasted from emptying and refilling ice trays can really add up!

Chill Out with Ice Bins

Ice bins can save you money spent on energy bills. Many bins are outfitted with doors that close automatically, so you won't have to worry about all of the ice melting when an employee forgets to close the freezer on a busy day. With an ice bin, you're separating frozen food from the ice, so there is no risk of the ice absorbing the odors and flavors of other items stored in the freezer.

Ice bins are more sanitary than conventional ice storage and production methods. Using scoops will ensure that no one's hands touch the ice. Other ice bin designs eliminate the need for scooping altogether. Your customers' ice will always be clean, fresh, and most importantly, refreshing.

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