Ice Desserts

Written by Serena Berger
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If some diets had their way, you wouldn't be having very many desserts. . .or else your idea of dessert would be a piece of tofu fried in soy oil and sprinkled with three granules of no-calorie sweetener. If you have an inveterate sweet tooth, you know there's no way you're giving up the occasional delicious, old fashioned dessert. Happily, there are ways to be reasonably health conscious without sacrificing fun and taste.

Nutrition and Calories in Standard Ice Desserts

If you're running a shaved ice business, you can reassure clients that your ice dessert is not going to send them in for self-punishing hours at the gym. Typically, a 12 ounce shaved ice will have the same number of calories as (and no more sugar than) a 12 ounce glass of fruit juice. Some people think 12 ounces is more than enough, so for them a six or eight ounce treat is sufficient, and obviously has fewer calories and carbs.

If a customer is still really worried about calories, you can offer light syrups. A 12 ounce cup of shaved ice flavored with lite syrup has about 30 calories and only 8g of carbohydrates. Most people will permit themselves that kind of indulgence, even if weight watching is one of their priorities.

To make ice treats a little more appealing to people who want a substantial desert, you can offer the option to add cream topping. Many popular flavors like strawberry and peach taste delicious with cream, and cream toppings often sell very well if you suggest them to accompany these flavors. Shaved ice is a great alternative to ice cream and many other high calorie desserts--the key to establishing a thriving business is making sure people know it.

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