Ice Shavers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Shaved ice desserts, known as Sno-Balls, Sno-Cones and other various terms, have long been popular in the individual home and public arena alike. This type of dessert has been around as early as the Roman Empire, when snow was hauled from the surrounding mountains was served with flavored syrups. More recently, the snow cone became a popular street food with the invention of the mobile ice shaver in 1934.

Modern Ice Shavers

Nowadays, ice can be processed by an ice shaver into a light, fluffy serving of snow-like texture. The result of this process is what we know as snow cones, or shaved ice. With new technology, compact ice shavers have become popular in the home, especially in hotter environments. However, it may be surprising to find that easy profits can be made with the help of a commercial-capacity ice shaver and a few other supplies.

As a snack, shaved ice is tasty, refreshing and comes in small servings that are convenient to carry. On a summer day, you will more than likely find several shaved ice stands along the streets. The natural appeal for a colorful, icy refreshment is greater than that for a hot, fried snack. Patrons can pick the flavor of syrup, providing more variety to patrons who may prefer different tastes.

For the owner of the stand, it's a fun and profitable means of income. After the purchase of initial equipment, which is the biggest cost, repurchasing supplies is very inexpensive. The basic equipment for starting a shaved ice business is an ice shaver, a freezer, flavored syrups and serving containers. It's recommended to purchase an ice shaver of good size for quick and easy shaved ice production. Owning your own business provides a sense of control, and having a simple snow cone stand is an ideal way to get on the track to successful business experience.

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