Written by Samuel Wong
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Juicers can turn the healthiest vegetables into smooth, tasty drinks. Today's canned vegetable juices often taste nothing like their source. They're often laden with preservatives and other additives that distort and even ruin the natural flavors and goodness.

When you use juicers to make your juice, you're getting nothing but nature's goodness in your glass. Many of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are lost in the cooking or preparation process. When you juice your fruits and veggies, you're getting the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Juicing also creates healthy pulp that can be used for carrot cake or other delicious vegetable-based recipes.

Provide Healthy Drinks with Juicers

If you own a restaurant or coffee shop, you can increase the variety available to your consumers with juicers. You can provide your regular coffee customers with a natural boost of energy from fresh fruit or vegetable juice. Even better, you can attract non-coffee drinking customers by offering tasty, nutritious juice drinks.

When it comes to juices at restaurants, we are often given a few choices. Orange juice usually tastes best in the morning, and apple juice is only popular with kids. You can cater to people's tastes every hour of the day by using juicers to create tasty carrot juice, nutritious spinach and celery juice, or the trendy wheat grass juice that's sweeping the nation.

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