Written by Sierra Rein
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Juicers are fast becoming some of the most popular health-related food processing machines on the market. They are used in health clubs, professional dietitians' offices and homes across the nation. They are also essential for smoothie shops, juice kiosks, catering companies, restaurants and school lunch cafeterias as well.

It is important to choose the best type of juicers for the right application. If they are going to be utilized on a daily basis, it means the machines should be easy to use, quick to clean and energy efficient. They should be made of a type of solid metal, like aluminum and stainless steel, and be completely rust-resistant.

Of course, the most efficient juicers are manually controlled ones. Fruits like oranges and lemons are halved and placed within the juicing cup. A lever is pulled to lower a press onto the rind of the fruit, causing the juice to be squeezed into a receptacle cup or pan below.

Some Smart Accessories to Juicers

Once the right juicer has been found and purchased, it may be best to stock up on a few accessories. These can include appropriately-sized "squat" cups and lids to catch the fresh juice. Buying empty jugs, or perhaps finding a few popsicle-making kits, can also help in storing and processing any extra juice that is squeezed.

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