Kitchen Equipment

Written by Samuel Wong
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With today's fast-paced, prepackaged world, many people's kitchen equipment consists of a microwave and a fork to puncture the plastic lining on tonight's TV dinner. For those of us who think nothing beats a home-cooked meal, kitchen equipment is a little bit more varied and involved. They're the tools we need to make our meals spectacular.

My father, who took up cooking after I went away to college, introduced me to the world of kitchen equipment. He was always on the hunt for a perfect-sized turner or spatula. I never actually figured out how a turner differed from a spatula, but I think it had to do with the size and shape of the tool. Every time I would find myself in the cooking section at a department or discount store, I would scan the racks for that perfect turner.

Kitchen Equipment for The Professionals

I think my dad's love for cooking may have been inspired by all of the cooking shows he watches, now that he doesn't have to fight us kids for the remote control. Where else can anyone see all of the kitchen equipment that professional chefs use in their kitchens? You're not just seeing the tools on these shows, you're seeing them being used.

Now, whenever my dad's birthday rolls around, he's always asking for some new piece of kitchen equipment. It started out with stainless steel mixing bowls and stainless steel colanders. He recently got a fancy new stove and oven, so this year he might be asking for cathedral-style Bundt® pans or one of those industrial-strength stand mixers.

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