Le Creuset

Written by Samuel Wong
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Le Creuset is one of the finest cookware brands you can buy for your kitchen. The cast iron design inherent in all Le Creuset pieces creates a superior heat conducting surface. Food cooked in Le Creuset is flavorful and evenly cooked, making this brand a favorite of professional chefs around the world. Each Le Creuset piece is hand-finished, making each piece a unique work of art.

The cast iron found in Le Creuset cookware also creates superior heat retention. For some recipes, once your pot or pan reaches a certain temperature, you can remove it from the stove and allow the cookware to do the remainder of the cooking. This results in foods rich with flavor and nutrients.

Expect The Best with Le Creuset

Le Creuset is enameled cast iron. This may sound complicated, but it means that your pots and pans will last for a lifetime. The enameled coating on Le Creuset pots and pans can withstand years of daily use and abuse without scratching or chipping. The coating is also resistant to acids found in food, making it great for temporary food storage.

Another benefit of Le Creuset cookware is that it works on any heat source. You will get the same results on your gas range at home as you would if you took your cookware to your friend's house where there's a radiant heat range. With Le Creuset, you don't have to change your cookware when you change stoves.

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