Microwave Ovens

Written by Sierra Rein
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In today's world, most everyone understands how to use microwave ovens. Professional chefs use them in restaurant kitchens at the same time parents heat instant dinners for their kids. They make great alternatives to conventional ovens due to their ease of use, variety of timer and temperature settings, and the fact that they do not heat the kitchen up the way traditional ovens do.

The concept behind microwave ovens was discovered almost by accident. In 1946, Dr. Percy Spencer noticed a candy bar in his pocket had melted while he was testing a new magnetron vacuum tube. With careful experimentation of box shapes and electromagnetic fields, Spencer eventually created a revolutionary new way to cook food.

The Hazards of Old Microwave Ovens

One of the biggest mistakes microwave oven owners make is to keep their old units around for years beyond their warranties. Over the years, an oven can collect and even foster the growth of bacteria. Older ovens can also crack and leak radiation through their door hinges.

Luckily, today's microwave ovens are designed with the most advanced leak-proof technologies that science can offer. As long as they are cleaned, maintained and treated well, these ovens can provide a lot of good wear and tear over the years. However, it is essential that all instructions and safety precautions be followed, especially when young children are around.

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