Nacho Equipment

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Nachos hold a significant place in food history. Though it is unknown exactly who invented the warm, salty concoction, the fact that they were created during World War II in a Rio Grande town. They became popular in 1966, when nachos were formally introduced to attendees of that year's Texas State Fair. Since then, from movie theaters to carnivals, nachos have become regular offering at concession stands everywhere.

What Are Nachos?

The nachos we are most familiar with are corn (tortilla) chips smothered with soft cheese, sometimes with jalapenos and salsa added based on personal preference. Though food connoisseurs balk at the way that common nachos are served in big venues, this simple method is especially convenient for the owner of the concession stand. It only requires a few ingredients, a serving container and some nacho equipment to dish up a simple, yet tasty, plate of nachos.

Nacho equipment varies in type. Servings can be pre-made in nacho trays that include separate compartments for cheese and other toppings. These trays can be displayed and kept warm in special display cases. Another way of serving nachos is the "made to order" method. Nacho chips are kept warm in bulk chip warmers, and are either covered with or served with a side of hot cheese and other toppings.

In the old days, nachos were a time-consuming and detailed dish to produce, right down to frying the corn tortillas into chips. An authentic plate of nachos requires single-layered presentation with a large variety of toppings. While this tasty dish may be served easily in a sit-down restaurant, a quick snack of "chips and dip" variety requires a few, simple elements.

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