Nacho Trays

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Nachos, in the form we are most familiar with, are essentially tortilla chips served with hot cheese, which is dispensed either on top of a heap of chips or as served on the side. They may also be served with jalapeno peppers and/or salsa, depending on personal preference.

Though some may disapprove of the modernized, "adulterated" version of nachos, many find the dish just as tasty, if not authentic. Nachos were actually invented around the middle of 20th century in a Rio Grande town. They hit the carnival circuit at the 1966 Texas State Fair, and have since then been an extremely popular item at many concession stands.

The Variety of Nacho Trays

Concession stand nacho servings are presented generally in plastic trays meant specifically to hold chips in a big compartment with a dip in the side compartment. They might also be served simply in a plastic or sturdy paper bowl. This is more suitable when multiple toppings are added to chips.

The plastic trays are also great for pre-made servings, because they keep the chips and cheese separate so as not to serve soggy chips. Trays vary in serving size, depending on the amount of chips offered. Some trays are also made to allow portioned cups of cheese to slide right into the side compartment.

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