Nacho Warmers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Nacho warmers are indispensable tools for concession owners, deli and corner-store markets, circuses and carnival food distributors. Because nachos are very durable, they can last a long time if placed under a heat source. They are also considered a lot more flavorful and tasty when served warm.

Bulk nacho warmers are designed to keep a huge volume of chips warm, yet make them available to be dispensed through lowered drop panel doors. The server, or customer if in a self-serve buffet, can grab a pair of tongs, open the door, and put a healthy helping onto a plate or traditional cardboard serving bowl. He can then top the chips with cheese, jalapeños, salsa, salt or any other condiment.

Other types of nacho warmers allow pre-arranged portions of chips, cheese and other nacho fixings to stay warm and serveable at any moment. Customers simply open the front door, reach in, and grab a full nacho snack to enjoy. One warmer is sometimes capable of housing up to 300 single-portion combinations of nacho and cheese packets.

Cheese Nacho Warmers Keep the Tasty Treat Flowing

There are also warmers specifically designed just to keep nacho cheese warm and fluid. Individual dipping cheese packets can be placed on heated shelves and given out to customers on an order-by-order basis. Another possibility is to place the cheese in heated pump or ladle dispensers to allow self-serve enthusiasts to put a unique amount of topping on their nachos.

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