Part Time Business

Written by Serena Berger
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It is sad but true that many public school teachers need to find an additional source of income. Their students are not the only ones who are looking for summer jobs; but unlike a teenager who is happy to work an evening shift at a fast food restaurant, many adults have slightly higher standards for their work environments and would like to make a little more than minimum wage. What are your options if you want to make a reasonable amount of money with a flexible part time business?

Running a Seasonal Part Time Business

One option is to have a business which is conveniently seasonal. Some businesses thrive specifically in the winter around Christmastime. Others thrive in the summer, which is when teachers are typically looking for their extra work. A shaved ice concession stand is likely to thrive anywhere with a hot summer.

There are often some issues particular to running a seasonal business, especially if you're running it outdoors. You should check with a lawyer or a branch of your local government to make sure you know the regulations and have the necessary permits. Typically they're not very expensive, but you'll run into a lot of trouble and even be shut down by the police if you don't have the documentation you need.

Some people who have been running a successful part time business realize that they could run it full time and make even more profit. If you were running your business part time because you have another obligation, you can consider hiring another employee to work during the times that you can't. While this opens up a number of new issues about paying taxes, you will find that they're fairly easy to manage, especially with a little help from an accountant or tax specialist. A part time business can be fun and easygoing, and also make you a surprising amount of additional income.

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