Popcorn Poppers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Popcorn poppers have given people the chance to enjoy cooked corn for hundreds of years. While popping methods were rudimentary at first, they have improved greatly over the last century. Today, popcorn machines churn out tons of corn in homes, theaters, stadiums, circuses, and fairgrounds every day, and are consumed almost as quickly.

The Top Modern Methods of Popcorn Poppers

The air popping method uses heated air that is forced into a kernel-filled spinning cylinder. The air evenly cooks the kernels until they pop and fill the cylinder completely. Compared with other popcorn poppers, the air machine is the healthiest and requires no oil, grease or heating mediums to work.

However, if real movie theater-style popcorn is needed, then a kettle popcorn popper is needed. These classic machines use a hanging kettledrum and a little oil to create the flavor and aroma familiar to most cinema houses. These can be plugged into a theater concession stand, or placed near one's own entertainment system at home.

Finally, stovetop popcorn poppers utilize the power of a burner flame to heat the underside of a metal dish. Kernels are placed in this dish and heated until they pop. This is a relatively economic way to make popcorn; however, stovetop poppers tend to burn if not paid proper attention to throughout the cooking process.

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