Serving Trays

Written by Samuel Wong
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Serving trays are a simple, elegant way to present appetizers to your dining guests. If you run a catering business, your customers will be impressed when the salmon pate and crackers are presented on a polished silver serving tray. Save the plastic serving trays for serving cheese and crackers at a kid's birthday party.

Many restaurants rely on serving trays to showcase dessert choices. Seeing dessert items pictured on a menu is one thing, but presenting the real thing is a completely different approach. It's much harder to for a customer to refuse a slice of cheesecake or an ice cream sundae when they are presented in front of him or her.

Serving Trays Are All About Presentation

Serving trays can also make food and beverage distribution an easier and less time-consuming process. A serving tray can hold a lot more food than a single pair of hands. In times when your staff is short, a serving tray can do the work of a few servers. With drinks, you're limited to serving two drinks when using your bare hands. A tray can bring enough drinks for the whole table.

Serving trays come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. If you prefer to wash your serving trays at the end of each evening, you can toss your plastic serving trays in the dishwasher and they'll be ready for the next day. You can save your gleaming gold and silver serving trays for those private parties and special customers.

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