Shaved Ice Business

Written by Serena Berger
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Like any business, the shaved ice business requires not only an understanding of basic business concepts such as your profit margin and calculating your ROI, but also a solid understanding of the product that you are selling. In this case, you need to understand the supply for refreshments and the factors that determine quality. This will allow you to sell the best possible products to your consumers, maximizing the likelihood that they will be frequent patrons.

Shaved ice refreshments can be topped with a myriad of flavors. As a result, with the same basic shaved ice, there are numerous variants that will keep customers coming back provided that they receive good service and a quality product. Be sure that you are only using the best syrups, those that capture the flavor for which they are named.

Ice Is Essential to the Shaved Ice Business

Another facet of the quality of shaved ice desserts is the ice. For example, blocks of ice that are sold commercially are either compressed (which means they are really made from smaller chips that have been compressed and refrozen) or solid blocks. This matters to you because compressed ice will not work well in a block ice shaver because it can chip apart and it will also cause your blade to dull more quickly.

Another possibility for stocking your ice is to make your own by purchasing a commercial ice maker, which may be an attractive option depending on the volume of traffic that you have each day. A regular freezer may take three to four days to make a block, which will require that you have sufficient freezer space to store blocks as they freeze. These are just some aspects of the shaved ice business that you need to understand before you go ahead with plans to enter into it.

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Optimal freezer temperature

Dear Serena,

The articles you wrote on shaved ice are so informative and well written. Excellent! You mentioned that a slowly frozen block of ice makes better quality shaved ice than one quickly frozen but can you recommend what temperature is best to set the freezer at? Also what type of water makes the best ice? Distilled, purified, tap? Is there a certain company's syrup you would recommend and have you compared the Hatsuyuki and Fujimarca ice shavers with the Swan unit? Thanks.