Shaved Ice Equipment

Written by Serena Berger
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While your ice machine will probably be the biggest investment you make if you are going to be operating a shaved ice concession stand, there are other touches which are equally important in insuring that you will be able to operate your business smoothly, efficiently, and ultimately successfully. Consider the syrups that you'll be using. There are many ways to make them easier to dispense, display, and store.

Bottles and Bottle Accessories

You probably want to get quart sized pour bottles for your syrups. If you're ordering syrups in powdered form (which is the wisest option), you'll have to get bottles separately. Get plastic, not glass, because they're safer, lighter, and easy to clean and store. Typically, bottle caps are sold separately, so you'll have to order those to use when you're transporting your syrups.

While you're at work, you'll want pour spouts to put on the bottles. The ideal spouts will be made of flexible plastic and provide continuous flow. They're also easy to clean and long lasting. Spout caps are the last little accessory that you'll want for your bottles--they slide over the nozzle of a pour spout to prevent accidental spills when your bottles are not in transit, and they also eliminate the health risks which would arise were your syrups to be exposed to the air all day.

To make your business seem more professional and attractive, you should have a nice way of displaying your syrup flavors. This will have the added bonus of making them better organized and more easily accessible to you when you are operating your business. Consider a wire speed rack which is durable, easy to clean, and lets you line up and stack your bottles for optimal space saving and convenience.

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