Shaved Ice Syrups

Written by Serena Berger
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If you are in the shaved ice business, chances are that you do not and will not make your own syrups. While it is possible, most small concession business do not opt to do it. Considering the amount of time (as well as equipment and supplies) that it would take for you to make the syrups, the opportunity cost from making them would probably exceeded your savings from doing so.

Economics has shown that specialization is the key to maximizing profits. Therefore it makes sense to purchase your shaved ice syrup from a manufacturer or supplier that has experience in making syrups. Some suppliers purchase from a small group of manufacturers while other suppliers buy from a broader range. The wider the network your supplier maintains, the higher the quality of the selection they can offer.

Advantages of Dry Shaved Ice Syrups

When ordering your shaved ice syrups, be sure to inquire about the form of the syrup. Dry syrups ship in powdered form, meaning that the cost to ship the powder required for 100 gallons of syrup is the same as the cost to ship 2 liquid gallons of syrups. In addition to taking up less storage space, these savings only increase your profit margin.

Your supplier can provide some guidance in selecting flavors that are the most popular. You will want to have a high stock of these shaved ice syrups, and a lesser amount of other flavors. It is important to have a sufficient amount of each so that you can always offer customers exactly what they want to order.

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