Written by Samuel Wong
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Shelving can help you maximize your usable kitchen counter space. Think of how much more workspace you would have if you could move things like the kitchen timer, salt and pepper shakers, and olive oil bottles up and off the counter and onto a set of shelves? You would be able to prepare a wider variety of meals in less time with your increased counter space.

Shelving can also provide storage solutions in situations where storage space is limited. Many of today's urban apartments feature small, cramped kitchens with very little storage space. Apartment dwellers are forced to come up with innovative storage solutions, many of which involve wire and stainless steel shelving.

Put It away on Your Shelving

Many of today's shelving units are customizable and infinitely adjustable. You can construct a set of shelves to hold your spice collection, or build shelves to hold your occasionally used appliances such as food processors and blenders. The open design of many shelving systems enables you to easily find whatever appliance you need in a short period of time.

If you're faced with a storage problem, you have a few solutions. You can build a new room to house your belongings, which may cost you a fortune. You can move to a place with more storage, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Or, you can buy shelving and save yourself time and money all at the same time. The choice is yours!

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