Smoothie Mixes

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you do not know a thing about making smoothies, or if you wish to make high-volume numbers in a minimum amount of time, consider purchasing smoothie mixes instead. Mixes come in pre-manufactured forms in a vast variety of flavors and health options, from fruit-based to coffee-blended styles and dairy and non-dairy forms. Add water, ice and the customer's choice of fruit, and a tasty treat can be instantly blended together.

Smoothies are fast becoming some of the most popular alternatives to desserts and sit-down meals. Healthy and tasty, they provide many of the vitamins, minerals and low-fat nutrients needed to start or finish the day. Plus, they are extremely portable and can be drunk during a walk down the street, traversing the fairgrounds, or while stuck in traffic on the way to work.

Packets of smoothie mixes can be bought individually or in bulk to allow for the creation of individual drinks on an order-by-order basis. However, for larger orders or for smoothie bars, it is recommended that gallon jars of powder be purchased. A serving proportion cup comes with each jar to maintain consistent portion control for each drink.

Where to Purchase Smoothie Mixes

There are many sources from which to purchase smoothie mixes, from health food stores and online concession stand vendors. Some distributors and manufacturers of these mixes will send out sample packets of their products as an opportunity for potential buyers to taste test the drinks. Others are recognizable by name and have their mixes in many stores and concession markets across the country.

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