Sneeze Guards

Written by Samuel Wong
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Sneeze guards help keep food items from becoming contaminated. Some people insist upon dining out or coming to work even when they're sick. Most of the time, you have the power to send a sick employee home. Unfortunately, you have a little less control when a sick customer comes to your restaurant.

By installing sneeze guards over your food warmers and other display carts, you are creating a barrier that germs cannot penetrate. This clear barrier does not interfere with food display, so your diners will see exactly what they're getting. You can even accent your sneeze guards with food labels, which comes in handy if your restaurant is buffet style.

Protect Yourself with Sneeze Guards

Many Las Vegas buffets and other all-you-can-eat restaurants depend on sneeze guards to keep their foods safe and sanitary. Many people will not use your salad bar or buffet if they see that you are not using sneeze guards. In some counties and states, sneeze guards are required for a restaurant to get a passing health inspection.

Today's sneeze guards do not have to be the eyesores of yesteryear. Many sneeze guard manufacturers can customize your sneeze guards to blend in with whatever design you have in place. Newer sneeze guards include accent lighting, making your food appear even more appetizing. Invest in sneeze guards and let your customers benefit from truly healthy dining.

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