Snow Cone Machines

Written by Sierra Rein
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Visit a circus, fairground area or oceanside pier and undoubtedly one will find snow cone machines. Snow cones are balls of shaved ice that are set into small serving cones and topped with one's choice of a variety of differently flavored liquids. The machines, and the accessories that can accompany them, are very easy to use, economically viable for small businessmen, and available in small, compact sizes.

Snow cone machines are great for health-conscious dessert lovers. Because a snow cone's main ingredient is shaved ice, it can be flavored in either fruit juices or sugary syrups. Plus, the amount of flavor liquid can be controlled too, allowing customers to control their caloric intake even in hot weather.

Powered snow cone makers feature fast, rotating blades that can shave off flakes from either a large hunk of ice or several ice cubes at once. Industrial snow cone machines can make 500 pounds (or more) of shaved ice within an hour. A top-loading ice accepting tray feeds the ice into the blades, while a bottom storage case keeps ice cold and ready to serve.

Rent Snow Cone Machines for Personal Gatherings

Luckily, concession businesses do not hold the exclusive rights to snow cone makers. Residents who wish to add a special touch to children's birthday parties and fundraising committees who want to raise money at their next school or church carnival can rent an ice shaving machine, buy the cardboard serving cones and flavored syrups, and charge a fair but profitable price to friends, family members, and guests.

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