Written by Sierra Rein
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Steamers are becoming very popular among health-oriented chefs, food servers, and customers. Because hot water is the main cooking medium, there is no grease, oil or fat to worry about. Plus, steamer machines are easier to clean compared to other pieces of cooking equipment and require no special "grease-cutting" formulas.

There are some foods that are perfectly capable of being cooked in food steamers. These include vegetables (broccoli, carrots, corn, sprouts and asparagus), cheeses (especially those meant for nachos), pizza, tortillas, and certain meat products like hot dogs and sausages. These products can be easily placed in a steamer and be cooked, warmed up or even reheated in a matter of minutes.

Specialized Steamers for Concession Stands

Some food steaming machines have two steam options: instant, quick-reheat steam and a drier, superheated stream for long cooking cycles. These are great for hot dog concession stands for theme parks, carnivals, catering companies, and portable "corner" stands. Hot dogs can be pre-cooked and reheated on an individual order basis to meet customer requests on the spot.

When choosing between steamers, make sure that the units you look at feature digital display thermostats and easy to use electronic controls. Pay attention to energy-saving options like programmable cooking settings and efficient heat penetrating technologies. Finally, take particular note regarding food capacity and counter-top area to find a balance between the amount of space that will be taken up and the volume-per-minute output.

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