Waffle Bakers

Written by Ingrid Chen
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A waffle baker is a free-standing device with waffle-designed molds, in which waffle batter is poured and cooked. Waffle bakers are made of an aluminum or cast-iron mold with a lid that closes together to bake a waffle top to bottom. Some waffle irons flip upside-down to produce a perfectly consistent waffle. Certain waffle bakers have a removable grid for easier and safer cleaning.

Offering Waffles Can Increase Profitability

For business purposes, waffle bakers are a highly profitable addition to restaurants and concession stands alike. They are easily made, generally in three minutes, and come hot off the griddle and straight to the consumer. Waffles can be embellished with ice cream, whipped cream, fruit, flavored syrups and any other topping imaginable. These desserts are cost-effective with a quick cooking time and sweet-tooth appeal.

Waffle bakers produce not only regular or Belgian waffles. There are devices made specifically for ice cream sandwiches, waffle cones, and other shaped molds. Waffle bakers can also have a larger capacity to make multiple waffles at a time for busy traffic, or to simply create larger waffles.

Because they are exceptionally hot, there are certain measures one can take to reduce heat hazards. Most waffle machines have built-in timers to signal the end of cooking cycle, to prevent overcooking. Generally waffle bakers have long handles to keep hands away from the griddle when cooking. It's a good idea to keep the bakers away from counter edges to avoid accidental contact, especially in small spaces.

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