Wire Shelving

Written by Samuel Wong
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Wire shelving provides a decorative solution to the problems associated with food and supply storage. Their simple design blends in beautifully with virtually any restaurant or kitchen design. Many wire shelving models have infinitely adjustable shelves, enabling you to store an endless variety of items, regardless of size.

Wire shelving is being used as merchandise shelving in many upscale and independent grocery stores. There are numerous accessories that enable you to store and display a variety of small and specialized products. There are wooden shelves that create a smooth surface for smaller, thinner items. Some wire shelving can be topped with decorative wood to create a more customized look.

Increase Your Storage with Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is available in a variety of depths, enabling even the smallest of stores or kitchens to take advantage of their storage potential. Using a variety of post heights and shelf sizes, you can create a whole wall unit of display shelving, as well as a combination display shelf and service counter. You're only limited by your imagination when you're using wire shelving.

Many homeowners are using wire shelving to complement their modern, industrial design tastes. Wire shelving can be used to create entertainment shelving units, food preparation islands, as well as desks and tables. If you've got a storage problem in your home, it can easily be solved with wire shelving.

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