Alaska Seafood Companies

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When the United States acquired the land of Alaska, few considered the riches that would be found in the waters of the state. From the salmon in the streams and rivers to the king crabs around the state's many islands, the seafood industry brings millions to Alaska each year. Not only do sales of seafood bring revenue to Alaska, but sport fishermen bring tourist dollars every summer looking to hook a big one.

Getting Alaska Seafood

A few decades ago, the Alaska seafood companies were largely based on canning facilities. Fish had to be shipped across the country, and refrigeration is expensive, so the fish were packed into cans that could travel at room temperature. However, the canning industry is starting to shrink in Alaska.

The rising popularity of seafood has been in no small part thanks to recent diets and nutrition regimes. Sick of fatty meats like beef and pork, nutritionists are steering people towards the healthier foods to be found in the ocean. However, most health-conscious shoppers avoid canned foods due to their high salt content. Shoppers prefer fillets, steaks, and smoked fish to the canned variety.

Alaska seafood companies have managed to change with the times. Now, Alaska seafood is fresh-frozen, and quickly shipped to customers across the United States and Japan. This keeps more flavor of the food, in addition to preserving the nutritional value of seafood. The love of seafood has kept the Alaskan economy afloat recently, and looks to be popular well into the future.

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